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i had another wild idea, that is i gues somewhat similar to the last one..

right now i'm using webhooks to modify variables in combination with variable modified triggers on my sequences, this requires me to create the if clauses that check if my variable contains on/off etc.. and then the actions to set a certain device to a certain state (a seperate sequence is needed for each device), i've named the variables after my devices, so now i use for example: (sequematic-webhook)Livingroom light 1=on (where Livingroom light 1 is the name of my sequematic variable, but it's also the actual name of the device i'm looking to control)

and this got me thinking, what if we could control devices via webhook directly, without any sequences and if clauses?

it would look exactly the same as the webhook i'm using now only instead of the Livingroom light 1 being a variable it would just refer to my device directly.

some other examples:




as i said this is just a wild idea, but i just thought i'd share it anyway... 

Asked by vinny on July 9, 2021, at 6:21am

actually a seperate sequence is not needed, i could technically control all my device through 1 variable, and put it all into one sequence, but there would be to many if clauses and i'd lose track of what i already added and what not.

Interesting idea. Let me think this through. The webhook trigger idea is simple enough, but it might need some extra controls around it.  The webhooks are quite safe since someone else can only run them if they have the URL with your secret key, but as an added layer of security I think it should have an on/off setting for each device. So in order to use the webhook you would need to go to your settings somewhere and enable it for a device.

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