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I get this error when making a web request from IFTTT

my sequnce ran but the second part of actually turning on the light doesn't run

Asked by Edwin on May 12, 2019, at 9:16pm

Hi Syncro,

Often you'll see in the IFTTT activity log that request timed out, but it actually worked. I suspect there is something else wrong with the sequence which is failing.

Have you populated your IFTTT key in your user settings?  If so, also double check it is correct.  To find your key, go to this page and take the URL component after https://maker.ifttt.com/use/

Let me know once you've checked the key is correct.

Sorry my key was off by one letter in the beginning of the key which I didn't notice. It is working now. Thanks again for your support

Glad you have it working now!

Hi, I'm still running into a similar issue. I've checked that my key is correct. It seems like the sequences are actually firing correctly, but I'm not getting the notifications I want while I'm testing the overall setup.

I set up my sequences following this example: http://sequematic.com/help/tutorial-people-at-home

Hi Chris. It looks like the location based sequences are set up correctly, and the variable you're using to track whether or not someone is home is being maintained so that component is set up fine.

In terms of the calls back to IFTTT, I can't see any errors in the logs from when IFTTT was called. Unfortunately however, even if the event name is incorrect IFTTT still responds with a success message so this wouldn't be captured in the logs.

Can you please double check the event name you've entered for the Call IFTTT step in SEQUEmatic matches the event name you've entered in the IFTTT webhook trigger?

If they are correct, can you please either share a screenshot of your IFTTT applet here or email it to me at info@sequematic.com if you'd rather not post publicly.

Event name in SEQUEmatic:

Event name in IFTTT:

To be clear, all of the Sequematic-to-IFTTT sequences are working correctly. The only ones I am having issues with are the IFTTT-to-Sequematic items. The component below is monitoring temperature. Again, it seems like the item is working correctly. Sequematic has evidence of receiving the communication, but the IFTTT log shows an error ETIMEDOUT.

Sorry Chris, I misunderstood and thought it was the outgoing IFTTT call that was failing.

Despite the time out error in the IFTTT log is the sequence still performing the actions you're expecting? You mentioned in a previous comment you're not getting the notification you're expecting. Where should this notification be coming from?

From IFTTT. I'm assuming that if the issues are happening when webhooks is trying to communicate with Sequematic, that this would be the place to troubleshoot that. Is that correct?

I was aware of the timeout error occuring but didn't realise this was an issue because as far as I could tell sequences were successfully running and this was just a matter of the status in the activity feed.

Now I understand this is preventing IFTTT from triggering a notification when the applet has run, I will need to take a closer look at what we can do to resolve this. I'll investigate further and provide you an update here in the next couple of days.

Hi Chris, unfortunately I haven't been able to resolve this issue yet.

In the meantime, if you need to be notified when a sequence runs K suggest you make use of the email step which will send you an email when the sequence is run.

i am having the exact same issue with all my ifttt applets where the action (then that) calls a sequematic url. i get the error 'Unable to make web request: Error: ETIMEDOUT Error'. As a consequence the ifttt event has a status of 'Applet skipped' and the desired success notification is not sent since ifttt regards the applet as not having fired. despite the error everything is working ok on the sequematic side, but not having a push notification sent from ifttt is a major pain.

Hi Stan, I have tried contacting IFTTT about this to understand why it doesn't consider it a success after calling SEQUEmatic but I have not had a response.

In the meantime, could you add a step in your sequence to send an email notification when it runs?

I still have the same problem. Any idea?


Hi Robert, can you please send me an email so I can look up your account and investigate further?

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