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I'm hoping this forum can help. Is there a way to connect an alarm clock app with Philips Hue, to make a bulb light up 30 minutes before an alarm goes off? Perhaps there is a way to determine a time value that triggers an alarm clock, automaticly setting up an alarm and at the same time setting up Hue light bulb. But I have no idea how to achieve that. Thank you for ypir help.

Asked by Vid on September 23, 2021, at 6:02pm
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Hi Vid. There is a time based trigger already built in SEQUEmatic.  If the alarm goes off at a regular time, you could use that as a trigger.  The trigger would fire regardless of whether you had set the alarm, but could partly achieve what you're aiming for.

In terms of using the actual alarm clock as the trigger, it will depend on the alarm clock or app. Can you share more details on the app you're using for your alarm?

Hi, Derek,

Thank you for your kind reply. Well, that is the thing - I am constantly changing the time for alarm based on what kind of work I have to do in my job.

I currently using default android alarm app on my Redmi 9, but I would gladly change to another app if it could trigger Hue lights.

Actually I have an idea which might work for this. I have the standard Google clock on my phone and when setting an alarm there is an option to trigger a Google Assistant routine.

Even if you don't have a Google Home device I think you should be able to use the Google Home app to link Phillips Hue and create a routine which turns on the lights you're wanting to control. Then you can have your alarm clock trigger the routine which will then turn on your lights.

Thanks for the idea. I tried it this way, but it seems that Google assistant routine only allows to trigger Hue once you dismiss alarm - it seems there's no way to set to trigger it before the alarm goes off. Looks like I'll need to dig deeper and get into some custom code programing. If you think of any other way to do it, please let me know. Thanks!  

Oh ok, that's disappointing.

If you want it to go via SEQUEmatic, see if you can find some sort of alarm app which can call/trigger a webhook. You could then use the IFTTT or custom webhook trigger and have the alarm call that webhook.

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