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Hello, I'm new with sequematic. I'm trying to control my LG air conditionner with an IR blaster working with tuya. I have created the device on tuya app and tested it in app : power on/off working, change temp, mode and fan :OK .

I created a sequence triggered by custom webhook and next step Smart device. The air conditionner appears in the list, I can select T (assume for temperature) for property but can't set a value. After saving, my sequence appears like that : Set T of Air Conditioning to

How can i set a value for the different properties (temperature, mode and fan). Should i use variables or is it a limitation from tuya?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english, I'm french...

Asked by Jeff on November 12, 2021, at 4:45pm

Hi Jeff, SEQUEmatic was misinterpreting the type of values allowed for T.  I've fixed this now and it's presenting as an integer with a minimum value of 16 and maximum of 30. Hopefully you can now set a temperature for the air conditioner.

Hi Derek, thanks for your support and upgrade for the device. However, it doesn't work. I tried to create a rule for power on but in the sequence i have a value field. Tried with empty field, on , 1 , 0, off, true. Nothing works. I then tried another sequence to set up Temperature and set the value to 24. When i select "Run sequence now", nothing happens, and the LED on the IR blaster is off. I tried every mode (power on, T, M , F ) , LED is allways off. Tested with tuya app, when i send a command, the LED goes ON and air conditionner reacting. Anything missing in sequematic config? any ideas ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi Jeff, I've read into the documentation further and I'm suspecting that an IR blaster may not work the way SEQUEmatic is currently set up.

I'm not confident this will work, however I have added a new sequence to your account called 'AC test' and made some changes in the backend to tweak the values being sent to Tuya. Are you able to try running it?  If it works it should just turn on the air conditioner.

Hi Derek,

I tried to run the sequence, but the LED is still OFF and no reaction of the AC.

I have created two scenes in tuya app, one for power on and one for power off and two sequence in SEQUEmatic to trigger these 2 scenes. With this way, it works. (if it can help you to find what's wrong).

Thanks for your support!


Hi Jeff, thanks for testing. For the moment you'll need to stick with scenes because that is something SEQUEmatic understands. It looks like there is a different API for IR blasters so I'll need to do some additional development to add IR support

I can't promise this will be available in the near future, but will post back here once it's complete (hopefully some time in early January).

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