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eWeLink have recently launched a new method of authenticating accounts when linking to SEQUEmatic.  Using the new method, when you link your eWeLink account to SEQUEmatic, you enter your eWeLink credentials directly into the eWeLink site and then a secret token is passed back to SEQUEmatic.

The new linking method also opens up additional options for controlling devices which I will start to add into SEQUEmatic over the coming months.

Accounts which were linked previously will continue to work, however eWeLink will be phasing out this link at some point. To ensure there's no interruption to your sequences, and so you can benefit from the new features early next year, be sure to relink your account!

It's easy to do and can be completed in 2 steps!

Step 1: Unlink your eWeLink account

First, navigate to the services page and click unlink account under the eWeLink / Sonoff logo:

Step 2: Link your eWeLink account

Now, click the purple link account button that appears under eWeLink/Sonoff. This will take you to the secure eWeLink login page where you can authenticate your account.

And that's it!  You don't need to do anything to your existing sequences.  Your devices will be refreshed and will automatically continue to work in your existing sequences.

If you run into any issues or have any questions, please comment below or send an email via the contact page.

Asked by Derek on December 24, 2021, at 4:56am

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