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I'm getting a "token invalid" error when trying to control my (tuya) devices, it was all working before and i have not changed anything, is there some server problems or what is going on?

Livingroom light 1 was triggered on Thu 30 Dec at 12:55:52.

The variable Livingroom light 1 changed from on to off
The value of the variable Livingroom light 1 was off (not on - condition failed)
The value of the variable Livingroom light 1 was off (condition passed)
The switch_led was set to
 Error: token invalid

Couch was triggered on Thu 30 Dec at 12:59:16.

The variable Livingroom couch changed from false to true
The value of the variable Livingroom couch was true (condition passed)
The switch_1 was set to 1
 Error: token invalid
Asked by Pete on December 30, 2021, at 12:12pm

Hi Pete, the Tuya integration seems to be working fine across the board. I can see a lot of successful requests going from other accounts.

It looks like the authentication token for your account may not have refreshed correctly. Can you try unlinking then linking your Tuya account again? You can do this via the services page.  This won't impact any of your sequences - once you've linked your account again the devices will be refresh and your existing sequences will continue to work.

Thanks that fixed it, i was afraid to do this before because i thought that i would have to recreate all the device steps in my sequences.

Yeah, fair question! Glad that resolved it.

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