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Is it possible to import a list of commands as a script?

I want to use my tuya bulb as a wake-up light with it gradually getting brighter over a number of seconds, but to get a smooth transition, this requires several hundred steps... I need to be able to input the hsv values each followed by a one second pause, but to manually do this will take me forever!!

Here's an example of the list of commands:

Asked by Tim on January 4, 2022, at 10:56pm

Hi Tim, sorry I missed your chat earlier. It looks like the commands didn't copy correctly into your post either...maybe you can try adding them as a screenshot?

Anyway, I think I get the idea of what you're trying to achieve. To gradually change the lights you're going to need a lot of steps in your sequence which is taking a long time to create via the UI. 

At the moment there's no simple way for you to upload a set of steps or scripts but I could try via the backend. I'll send you an email to get some more details and we'll go from there.

Something else you could try is a Tuya scene. Is it possible within the Tuya app to set up a scene which will gradually adjust your lights? If so, you could then use SEQUEmatic to trigger the scene instead of making multiple calls to adjust the device itself.

I am also using one of my Tuya bulbs as a wake-up light unfortunately in the App you also need to enter each step individually, at least in the Smart Life clone of the Tuya App.

I'm currently using a 10 step Sequence to approximate this behaviour with SEQUEmatic but this problem could be easily solved if we were able to use a while loop. For example for a white bulb something like:

Set bright to 0

Set control_data of your_bulb to {"change_mode":"gradient", "bright": [bright], "temperature": 200, "h":0, "s":0, "v":0}

Turn on the Tuya device your_bulb

While bright is below 1000

     Increase bright by 10

     Pause for 1 seconds

     Set control_data of your_bulb to {"change_mode":"gradient", "bright": [bright], "temperature": 200, "h":0, "s":0, "v":0}


would take 100s to run and make 1% Steps in brightness. Temperature or color of the bulb would only be a question of using the appropriate variables.

Hi Thomas, thanks for the feedback - I've added this to my backlog as something to consider in a future update.  There would be a few scenarios where some sort of loop would be useful.  Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I am trying to achieve the same goal. I am trying to have a smart bulb start decreasing color temperature and brightness after sunset gradually every 2 minutes or so over several hours. Basically imitating what the f.lux software does.

Have there been any updates to the input methods to allow direct editing of sequences or while loops, or has anybody found an easy solution for integrating a dimming effect?

Hi Jan, sorry but there hasn't been any change in the input methods here.  The best I could recommend would still be to try a Tuya scene and trigger that from a sequence.

Hi Derek, thank you for the fast answer. I guess I'll have to try that then


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