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Asked by Valter Isander on January 30, 2022, at 1:37pm

Hi Valter, are you looking of examples of sequences which use Sonoff devices?  What types of devices do you have and I'll see what ideas I can come up with!

Hi, thanks for responding. 

I use several Sonoff types. S26, POW R2, Basic, Sonoff TH10 and 16, Sonoff bridges, sensor ZB-02 (TH) and PIRs, RF buttons. 

Would be nice to Se how a sequence can be programmed (define, read data, beaching, setting variables, output etc). 

I’m used to Basic programming but no experience of Java, but can read and change code I think. 

Hi Valter, there's no need to actually know any programming language for SEQUEmatic.  Everything is done via the UI. Depending on the complexity of the sequences you plan to create, some programming experience may be helpful just to think through the logic and steps required, but there is no actual programming required to use SEQUEmatic.

In terms of the devices you've listed, something you should be aware of is that it's currently not possible to use sensors to trigger a sequence, although you can check the status of a sensor from within a sequence and then make decisions based on its status (eg if check if a door is open then respond accordingly).

Let me know some of the automations you want to set up and I can help you with the sequence.

Hi again

How can I link my Sequematic account to EWeLink/Sonoff?

And I don’t know how to discover my Sonoff devices? How can I find them in Sequematic, and how to use them as triggers or objects?

my EWeLink account is linked. 

Hi Valter, to control your Sonoff devices you need to use the smart device step.  You'll find this under the light globe icon when adding a new step.

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