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I've set up scenes in the Tuya Smart App on my phone, is there a way I can activate a scene from sequematic? I can see selecting certain things like switch on/off, brightness etc.

I have an arlec ceiling fan with a light and it's only giving me options for lamp brightness, color and fan direction but not on/off or fan speeds. I thought perhaps activating a scene may be an option. This fan only shows those options on my homeassistant install so I think it's an issue at Tuya

Asked by Josh on February 23, 2022, at 12:25pm

Hi Josh, sorry I missed the notification when you posted this question.

Unfortunately functionality can be a bit hit and miss, depending on the manufacturer and how they've implemented the Tuya software into their device. Looking in the backend, I can only see the three options being passed from Tuya to SEQUEmatic - fan direction, light brightness and light warmth.

I can see also see the scenes you've created though. Have you been able to successfully trigger those?

My apologies, yes it took a while for the scenes that I set up in the app to show up in SEQUEmatic. Once they arrived, I was able to add them into a sequence and it triggers those.

One thing I notice is that when it is set up in the sequence e.g. the step that triggers the scene just says "Set of to" instead of maybe "Activate Scene: GRID Ceiling Fan: fan switch: off"

Thanks for your help

That's great Josh. Hopefully someone else finds this helpful as well!

Thanks for the feedback on the wording.  It's set up more for something like "set brightness of living room light to 50" so I need to update the wording to something more meaningful for a scene. An easy fix - thanks for raising it to me!

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