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I have a couple of sequences that are run every morning. One updates a weather condition variable at 11:20 am and the other is set to run at 11:30 am and looks up the result of the first to determine its behaviour.  I have noticed in the logs that since switching to daylight savings, the second sequence is now triggering incorrectly at 10:30 am, while the first is operating correctly at 11:20. This is not playing nicely with my logic.

Please advise.

Asked by Evan on May 11, 2022, at 1:22am

Hi Evan, unfortunately there is a bug where the sequence doesn't update automatically when daylight savings comes along. The best workaround is to go to your settings page, change your timezone and save, then change it back to the correct timezone and save again.

This will force SEQUEmatic to recalculate all your time based triggers.

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