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First time user of Sequematic here. I've been looking for a solution to use motion sensing from a camera to control lighting. The outdoor security camera I'm interested in has no way to tie into their motion sensing but the camera will send an email based on motion. I found a post where someone suggested using Sequematic to trigger an action based on the email coming from the camera. Sequematic looks perfect for my application.  To control my lights, I can send a POST or GET command to my lighting control hub. So, after reading up on Sequematic, I determined to setup a custom webhook. I followed the instructions but can't get it to control lighting. I'm not doing this from the camera just yet - just want to get it working by sending an email.  Here are my details:

Sending email address used by the camera  -
Send To Email address                 
Subject line:                                             Command_1_On
Body                                                           Just repeated "Command_1_On" as I didn't see any instructions as to what to put in this field

Now, setup the Custom Webhook - Call a Custom Webhook
Method:  I tried GET & POST (slight differences in structures)
Content type:  I tried plain text and WWW form URL Encoded  (both seemed to work in Postman)
Headers:  My hub needs a username and password, so I added "Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 
Body:  left blank
Return Values:  Left blank
Then clicked Save.

xxxxx's above are just placeholders so I don't show sensitive information
and I do have remote access setup so I can get to the hub at

When I press the button "Run Sequence", nothing happens.

I use the same information as above and use Postman to send the command, and everything works fine.

I'm apparently missing something.  As this looks like it could solve my camera issue nicely, I would appreciate any help in showing me what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks so much.

Asked by Terry on June 15, 2022, at 2:39pm

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