Is "Ok Google, talk to SEQUEmatic " being discontinued? All questions

I set up my first sequence today and used the "talk to SEQUEmatic" command on my google home to run the sequence. It all worked perfectly and I have many more that I was going to create, however while looking through the Q&A I've found a reply that says "Google are discontinuing their Actions on Google service". Does this mean that what I am doing will not be available in the future?

Asked by Jonathan Evans on October 21, 2022, at 10:01pm (edited on October 21, 2022, at 10:02pm)

Follow up. I was really hopeful the site owner or another user could answer this question as I don't want to spend days setting up the various sequences I need only to find that in a few months I need to find another solution and have to start again.

Apologies Jon, I have just replied to your email. Also replying here for anyone else looking for the same topic.

Unfortunately you are correct and at some point next year this feature will no longer work. I would love to keep this feature as I use it with my own Google Home, however Google are decommissioning Actions on Google.

I may look into a similar feature for Alexa, but at this stage can't commit to a timeline and possibly won't help you anyway.

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