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I think an app would be really useful. Not so much for programming, or reading/changing values, which can be easily done in a web browser. But there in an interesting thing. If you could create a widget that displays a variable value, or better still, a programmable display  widget that shows a number of different variable values, possibly in a number of different formats (colour ranges, circular value indicators, shapes, etc) then you have a way or creating a phone display the a mixture of dials, indicators, values, and buttons that could be a massively powerful way to control EVERYTHING. There is currently almost no way to do this. Smartthings, Ewelink, and IFTTT all have very simple buttons to activate scenes, but these are almost useless, and they are one-way, so they don't tell you anything. With SQM widgets to display/change values and run sequences, Sequematic could be the central hub to control everything.

Asked by Simon on January 6 at 10:46am

Hi Simon, thanks for your feedback.  I see the potential in this idea and it's very exciting, but unfortunately I don't have the skills necessary to develop a mobile app so for the foreseeable future SEQUEmatic will continue to be web based.

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