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I have an arlo camera. When it detects motion I want it to switch on some hive lights but only between certain hours.

In IFTTT have an applet which detects arlo motion and fires a webhook. In the URL I've put

[the xxx's and yyy's are just for display in this article]

  • The Method is 'PUT' but not sure what this should be
  • Content Type ->text/plain

So Im thinking when that fires, its calls the sequence in Sequematic which has 'Trigger Type' =arlo_detected

and rule to check the time and then call a IFTTT applet called "turn_on_lights" 

Sounds simple but it doesnt work and Im not sure what Im doing wrong.

Any help welcomed.


Asked by Harry on October 2, 2019, at 10:27pm
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Hi Harry, looking at the sequence log I can see the sequence has been triggering, so the IFTTT applet to trigger the sequence is working fine.

I can also see that it's fired the two IFTTT calls for your lights, and looking in the logs IFTTT returned 'success' every time.  However, IFTTT will return 'success' even if it doesn't find a matching applet to trigger - basically it just confirms that SEQUEmatic sent a request which was technically valid.

Can you have a look at your IFTTT activity log to see if either of the light on events have triggered?  Also double check that the event name you have provided in the SEQUEmatic steps exactly match the names you used to set up your IFTTT applets.

Let me know what you find in the IFTTT activity log then I can investigate further.

Hi There - What is odd now is the sequence fires even though I said only 'if its after dark'. Not sure what is going on there.

Also, the applet which fires and kicks off the sequence has this error message 'Unable to make web request: Error: ETIMEDOUT'     but seems to kick the sequence off.



The ETIMEDOUT error will always show in IFTTT, but the sequence will run fine.

I can see in the log that it is running, even if it's not after dark. Reviewing the code, there is a bug which I will need to fix. I'm investigating this now and will post back here once resolved.

Hi Harry, this is now resolved. My previous comment about a bug was incorrect.

The problem was that for some reason your sequence did not have an 'end condition' step, and so even though the condition wasn't met it was still running the light on steps. I have updated your sequence so it now has an end of condition step and this should work fine.

If you can trigger the motion sensor during daylight and confirm back to me that would be great.

Thanks for the help Derek. Appreciated!

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