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Hi all, I'm new here after looking to migrate from Apilio. 

I've created several sequences and looking to run a sequence that updates a variable to people_home_night

The sequences I've setup work, i.e people_home, is night, but I want to combine these so I can update a people_home_night, to trigger lights.

I've tried the below, but it's not updating, where have I gone wrong?

Asked by on December 17, 2019, at 9:03pm

Hello. This is looking pretty good. The only issue I can see is in the conditions you don't need to include the = sign.

For example, it should read If is_night is equal to true. You'll need to update this in each of the 3 conditions.

Let me know how it goes after making these changes.

Hi Derek, I've updated this, and changed some of the variables but its still not changing people_home_night

I've just noticed that everything is sitting under the first condition so the steps will only run if is_night = true

Based on what has been set up, if people_home=true and is_night=true then people_home_night will be set to true.

people_home_night can never be set to false because this requires people_home to be true and false since the check for people_home=false is under the else clause of people_home=true

I can update the sequence for you, but need to know the rules for setting people_home_night.

Should it only be true if people_home=true and is_night=true?

You are correct, it should only be true if people_home, and is_night are true, if either aren't true then people_home_night should be false.

Ok, I've created a new sequence for you called people home night 2.

Check it out and if it looks ok enable it so it can run.

Hopefully this solves your problem. Let me know how you get on.

This works perfectly! thanks for your help? Are you able to advise what I was doing wrong, just so that I can take it into consideration with further sequences.

Hopefully the explanation below makes sense, although it's a little tricky to write out...

That's great. Gives a little more clarification.

I have now set up some geofence triggers on my wife & I's phones to toggle the people_home sequence, and a sequence to say if its night or not.

I did notice when both my wife & left the house today, it updated our presence at home to false, triggering the people_home boolean to false (which worked correctly), it was still night so is_night remained true, however, the people_home_night boolean still remained true?

I'm wanting to use the people_home_night variable to feed into webhooks to trigger lights, am I going a really long way around?

I think you should try swapping the people_home_night variable with the after dark condition.

Then you would run something like:

You could also do something similar for people_home = true and set up another sequence with the trigger people_home = true.

will this reevaluate if say people_home: True, in the daytime, then when the the condition changes to after dark?

I've figured it out, rather than having people_home true/false, I've made it count up. So if it increases it will trigger.

This is handy if one person is already home, and I want the porch light to come on for the 2nd person.

I took your advice and ripped out is_night, and built in the after dark/during daylight check instead.

Great, glad you have this sorted! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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