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Whilst trying to setup and test new sequences/boolean, i find it quite repetitive to keep having to grab trigger urls and entering them to update the Boolean, is it possible to add a shortcut button to do this on the variables page?

Also, it would be great to be able to simulate after dark/ daylight & sunrise/sunset for testing purposes.

Asked by on December 22, 2019, at 11:13am

Hello, sorry I thought I had replied to your post but it seems I haven't.

Just to confirm I understand your request, are you wanting to change the value of a variable on the variables page, and then have that change trigger any sequences which have a variable change trigger for that variable?

In terms of simulating after dark, sunset etc I've added this to my backlog and will have a think about how this could be implemented. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi Derek, no problem at all.

Regarding your interpretation of my request that's correct. Currently the only way to test to to copy the true/false or toggle url into the address bar.

Adding a way to toggle on the variable page would allow you to test a lot easier.

Makes sense, thanks for confirming. Currently any changes to variable values via the variable page do not trigger sequences. This was intentional as the variable page was designed as a way to manually correct values outside of the sequences.

However, I can update this to include toggle buttons for boolean values and also an option to trigger sequences when manually changing variable values.

I've added this to my backlog and expect I should be able to have it live in the next couple of weeks.

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