How should I pass a decimal value to a variable from IFTTT? All questions


I'm trying to update a variable with a temperature value from Netatmo via IFTTT webhooks. The value is a decimal value which I don't know how to format in the URL to get it to work. If I try it manually with an integer value or a random string value it works. The problem seems to be that the value (20 in the example string) would actually be output by IFTTT as "20.00", which if added to the end of the string, will cause an Not Found error to occur in sequematic. 

Should I format or escape the value somehow to get it to work?

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Asked by Fredrik on December 31, 2019, at 6:52pm

Hi Fredrik, there was an issue with the way decimals were being recognised in the variable webhook URL. I've fixed this now, so can you please try again? Let me know whether or not it's working for you now.

Hi! Yes it works now, thank you!

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