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I've just noticed all my sequences are blank. Is there an issue currently?

Asked by Marc on January 23, 2020, at 6:29pm

All of my sequences are blank too, and they are definitely not firing.

Hi Marc, thanks for raising this. I've just taken a look and you're correct, sequence steps are not appearing.

Sequences do seem to be running correctly however so this is probably just an issue with the UI. I will provide an update here once I've investigated further.

Hi Derek,

Thanks for looking into it. My sequences haven't been running correctly which is why I spotted it. When I look at the sequence log it shows them succeeding but when you click the icon to view the detailed log entry it doesn't show the right actions. My IFTTT webhooks haven't been receiving requests from sequematic for about the last 5 hours.

Ok, that sounds like it might be a separate issue. It will take at least 10 hours before editing will be working again. In the meantime if you need to you can disable the problematic sequences from the sequence page.

The detailed sequence log for anything that is triggered by IFTTT is completely blank now. Any sequences that are triggered by variable changes aren't firing at all even though the variables are updating correctly. It started happening the same time as the sequences stopped displaying correctly when you try to edit them. If you think it's a different issue though, let me know if I can provide any other details to try and troubleshoot. Thanks.


I had the problem before everything went blank that sequences that were not mine were firing. The name was correct but the sequence log shows a completely different sequence.

Hi Marc, the sequences should be showing again when you try to edit. I believe this was also related to the issue you were experiencing with variable related triggers not firing. Let me know if you see any other issues throughout the day.

Locative is firing webhook triggers on entry, but this doesn't seem to message through to ifttt?

The issue relating to blank sequences has been fixed. I believe this was also causing problems for sequences which were supposed to fire on variable changes.

Let me know if you experience any other issues throughout the day and I will investigate.

It all seems to look ok now. Thanks for sorting the issue so quickly.



I'm still having an issue, I have a sequence setup whereby if myself or my wife arrive home it adds +1 to people_home, the sequences are firing as if I or the wife are home it sets to true, but it's not counting up +1,+2 when it has done previously?

Nothing has changed in the sequence.

Hdsn555, I see you had asked about this here as well. I'll send you an email to get more information to help investigate the issue.

Hi Derek,

Can it be that sequences aren't fired up correctly again? Some of my sequences aren't fired up anymore (for some days now). Can you check if something is wrong?

For instance, this seq is fired up, but it does not trigger anything anymore (even if all IF statements are true):

Thu 13 Feb14:09:06Turn ON Central HeatingSuccess

Turn ON Central Heating was triggered on Thu 13 Feb at 14:09:06.

The following steps ran:

  • No trigger
  • If awake is equal to TRUE, then...
  • If ppl_at_home is equal to TRUE, then...
  • If central_heating is equal to OFF, then...
  • End of condition
  • End of condition


p.s. if you need extra info, please let me know...

Hi Elmar. I've looked through the logs for this particular sequence run and based on what I can see when it checked central_heating = OFF it was not set to OFF so the sequence then stopped.

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