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I have found a solution to use geofencing in SEQUEmatic. With geofencing I mean check if someone is nearby a location, instead of checking if someone is at a location.

For that I simply use three variables:

  • VAR1 = Latitude coordinates of someone
  • VAR2 = Longitude coordinates of someone
  • VAR3= <TRUE> or <FALSE> in case someone is nearby a location
I found that a 0.1 deviation in latitude or longitude value means approx 15-20 driving from the location and that is somewhat I need to trigger my thermostat and have a nice temperature in house. You can check this yourself with Google Maps. Just find the GPS coordinates for your location, add/subtract a number and check the location. Too far? Use a smaller number. To closeby? Use a larger number. Find the max and min latitude coordinates and same for longitude. You need them in the sequence!
With this information you can make a sequence that can trigger your thermostat. Something like this:
  • Triggered when VAR1 changes
  • If VAR1 is above <min lat value>, then...
    • If VAR1 is below <max lat value>, then...
      • If VAR2 is above <min long value>, then...
        • If VAR2 is below <max long value>, then...
          • Set VAR3  to TRUE
  • Else
    • Set VAR3 to FALSE
  • End of condition

Asked by Elmar on January 31, 2020, at 12:57pm (edited on January 31, 2020, at 2:18pm)

Hi Elmar. What do you use to maintain the values of your variables?  You must have some sort of app which is reporting in your latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

Generally these apps will let you set a radius so that the sequence will trigger when you are within a certain distance of the specified location.  You'll find that both IFTTT and Automate allow you to this.  

You may find this approach simpler than having to set up the logic yourself in SEQUEmatic.

Hi Derek,

I use Tasker app ( for everything I want to trigger based on the location of my mobile.This is similar to Automate. Tried Automate earlier, but liked Tasker more.....

Yes, you can use IFTTT, but that consumes lots of battery. I tried that first, but found Tasker is better configurable. There are tons of variables in the Tasker app you can use. For instance I have set up:

  1. Send Location profile (just use webhooks to send location to sequematic yes )
  2. Check if Home profile (based on checking if I am near my home WIFI, consumes much less battery and more accurate than GPS)
  3. if I am home, the Send Location profile will be disabled, as that is unneeded
  4. if I am not at home and my mobile is charging, then Send Profile updates every 5 mins, otherwise only every 30 mins

And so on....much more configurable than IFTTT.

I only use IFTTT to control my devices.


p.s. AND I think do-it-yourself is much better than off-the-shelf, because it is mostly not 100% like you want it to be....... laugh

Hi Elmar, it sounds like you have this all worked out. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of the radius setting, but you have some specific needs and it looks like this set up is working for you!

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