How to get weather condition from IFTTT in vars ? All questions

I am trying to pass values from IFTTTT to sequematic

My test with webhook - URL

Works fine :)

My sequence "Sunrise" - webhook url

is triggered from IFTTT ok :)

BUT the parameters Clear/10/5 is not passed to the values I listede in the rule/ifttt interface

Paremeter1 WCondition

Parameter2 FHigh

Parameter3 FLow

Why ?

Am I missing a = in the url

I cant find any exsamp of passing weather parameters from IFTTT please help

br Henrik

Asked by Henrik@DK on February 9, 2020, at 11:07am

Hi Henrik.  I think you have this set up correctly, but there's a step missing which is to load the values of the IFTTT parameters into your SEQUEmatic variables. Let me step through an example.

In IFTTT, create your applet.  In this example I'm using Weather Underground as the IF THIS or trigger, set to run each day at 8pm. The THEN THAT or action is to make a webhook request.

The URL I call in the webhook request has come from the SEQUEmatic trigger step, but I've added the parameters on the end. They're enclosed in double curly brackets {{   }} because they're referring to IFTTT ingredients. {{CurrentCondition}}/ {{HighTempCelsius}}/ {{LowTempCelsius}}

Here's a screenshot of the full applet if you need more information.

I think you probably already have that set up correctly. The tricky part now is in how you pass the values from the IFTTT parameters to SEQUEmatic.

Your sequence should start with the IFTTT webhook trigger, which you already have.  In this step, you will need to tell SEQUEmatic the names of the parameters.  See the screenshot below for the values I have used.  These match with the position IFTTT passes its ingredients in the webhook URL used above. You will need these parameter names further down to load the values into SEQUEmatic variables.

Now, before you can do anything with these values, you will need to store them in a variable.  To do this, add a change variable step and enter the name of the variable that will store the value. In your case, this is Wcondition. Then, in the value field enter the parameter name you used in the trigger step, enclosed in curly brackets - for example {condition} which I used to pass the weather condition.

You should add a step for each parameter you wish to store. Here's an example of what these steps will look like.

Once you have the parameters loaded into your variables, you can then use the variables as usual.

I've taken a look at your Sunrise sequence. You should add a change variable step in between the IFTTT webhook and your Wcondition IF statement to store the weather condition parameter in Wcondition.  Then, your Wcondition condition should work fine.

Let me know if you have any questions setting this up.

Thanks i will try that :)

Fyi I could not figure this out from the documention.

I surgest to in include above in the IFTTT webhook - variables part of the documentation.

Thanks Agin :)

Noted Henrik. I actually realised the same thing about the documentation as I was writing this answer. How to use IFTTT parameters needs to be captured much more clearly and I will make changes to the documentation later today.

Works well when configured correctly yes

Thanks smiley

You're welcome!

I'm please to announce there is now built in weather functionality in SEQUEmatic.  You can use it either as a condition or as a trigger.

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