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When I get weahter forcast conditions from WU-IFTTT they have a great varion of the text like:

"Sunny", "Fair", "Rain", "Showers/Wind", "Mostly Cloudy/Wind", "Partly Cloudy", "AM Sunny / PM Showers", "Cloudy", "PM Fair /AM Showers", "PM Showers / AM Sunny", "Showers",

I would like at compare function where i could test a text variable like

contains "Fair"

or contains "Fair" and do NOT contains "PM Fair"


contains "AM Fair"


contains "Sunny" but not "PM Sunny"


contains "PM Sunny"

(Observet that there are spaces in the seartch string)

May aim is to turn my heating system off from Sunrise until 12 o'clock if I can expekt that the sun will heat my house this morning

br Henrik

Asked by Henrik@DK on February 10, 2020, at 11:11am

Hi Henrik, currently this sort of text matching is not available in SEQUEmatic but I can see how it would be useful in this scenario.

I could implement a version of this which could check for "contains" or "does not contain" however in order to manage your AND and OR scenarios you would still need to nest your IF statements as I don't have plans to change the way conditions work in the near future.

Give me a week to work on this, and I'll post back here once it's ready.

Just a surgestion for improvements. No Rush :)

Currently i will test the idear of turning of heat from WU-IFTTT wheater Categories Clear, Cloudy, Rain & Snow. And maybe modify conditions from UWindex (best gues on Sun heat power), HighTemp and Windspeed. So I have someting to play with :)

Observer that WU-IFTTT weather forcast condtions like  "AM Sunny / PM Showers"  in the SEQUEmatic interface will be parsed to two parameters:  The firste wil contain "AM sunny", the second will contain "PM shows" 

The same will Happen with "Sunny/Windy" from the WU sunrise trigger.

I can manage with the currrent functionality yes but still the string Contains and Do not contain can be help full.


Thanks for letting me know Henrik and I'm glad the current set up will work for you.

I did have text comparison on my to-do list so it would be good to add anyway. I'll move it up the list knowing there is interest in this functionality.

Hi Henrik, this feature has now been added. You can find it here in the docs.

Thanks I will try i out yes

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