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Hello all, new to this site and I feel like I may be asking too much of it but I thought I would ask before giving up. I have a piece of software that will send a single webhook that includes event data that will need to be identified. This is for a media player that will send playback.stop,, and playback.pause etc. I am trying to figure out if there is a way for this site to determine out of the data what event is being tagged in the data and then send a webhook to IFTTT based off of the result. Is that possible here? I built what I thought would work and I get a success message but nothing happens.

Asked by Eric on February 20, 2020, at 1:36am

Hi Eric, sorry for not replying to your email yet, but I'm glad you've discovered the Q&A forum to ask your question.

What you're trying to do is achievable with SEQUEmatic. I've taken a look at your sequence, and you will need to add the parameter name Event in parameter 1 of the webhook step.

After that, the sequence should work as you expect. You might also like to use the contains comparison if the paramter doesn't match your check exactly. 

Let me know if you need any further help.

Thank you very much for your reply, I will give it a shot!

No worries. If you still can't get it too work, post some more information about the service which calls the webhook and I'll see if there's anything in their documentation that might help work it out.

Derek, would you mind please looking at this to validate it looks correct? I was not sure if quotation or other marks were needed so I will be testing a few different options.

Hi Eric. I've edited it slightly to enclose Event in curly brackets within the condition - ie {Event}. This tells SEQEUmatic you're checking the value of a webhook parameter rather than one of your SEQUEmatic variables.

Give it a go and see what happens.

Thank you Derek, I was thinking I might need those, I was going to start testing but you beat me to it! haha

With that said, it is still not working unfortunately, is there a way to see a more granular log so we can validate where it is failing? The hook is being delivered here but the logic must not be set up right as it never initiates sending the request off to IFTTT. The last time either of those were triggered, according to their site is when I was playing with it last night.

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

On a side note, if it helps with motivation, there are a a lot of folks trying to do the same thing I am over at Emby, and if we can find a solution I will post details on how to accomplish it here.

Hi Eric, I think I'll need to dig into this over the weekend and also adjust the logs so I can capture more of the request that's coming from Emby. Do you have a link to any Emby documentation on this feature?

One thing you could try now though is to adjust your condition. Instead of equals use contains and then change the value it checks for to either play or stop depending on the condition. I'm wondering if it's not an exact match so this adjustment might get it working.

Thanks Derek, I will start playing with the settings to see if I can make any progress. Below is the link to the Emby forums where there is a bit of information. They consider this to be one of their more expert level features so they do not provide a lot of data as they expect you to now coming in. There has been talk about creating the ability to have a different webhook per event which will fix this but that has been discussed for some time so no way of know if/when they will do it. 

Let me know if there is any specific data that you need or if you want me to send the hook to a URL where you can inspect it more thoroughly.

Thanks, that link will be helpful. Can you share the configuration you've used in Emby, in particular the tokens it's passing?

I'll have a closer look on the weekend and once I've set up some more detailed logging I'll let you know so you can trigger some more requests.

Is there a way I can message/email you a URL? I can send you the full readout of some hooks I sent to when I wanted to inspect them, if you would like, not sure if there is anything sensitive in these readouts other then my IP.

That would be great. Send them to

The original answer was correct in explaining how to access the value of parameters, however in this particular scenario the IFTTT webhook wasn't the right answer.

A new custom webhook trigger has been added to address this scenario.  For the Emby media server you need to select Schema 3 as the schema, then you can access values from the payload by enclosing the name in curly brackets - for example {Event}.

There are 2 other schemas in the custom webhook which may be useful with other services.

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