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It would be nice if I was able to disable just certain sections of a sequence and not completely delete them.

Asked by Eric on March 4, 2020, at 4:05pm

Sorry Eric, somehow I missed this question when you posted it. This should be pretty straightforward for me to implement - basically to disable individual steps.

I'm working on a feature to share sequences at the moment, but will move on to this request once that's complete.

Hi Eric

Could a workaround like : 

- Make varible like "Enabel" with a value of 0 for disabled and 1 for enabled.

- Insert an additionale condtion IF "Enable"  before the part of the sequences you want to disable.

be feasable for you ? 

That is what I would do if I nedded it (As a 30+ year programmer in the automation industri where feature request might be implemented in 3+ years) 

smiley Henrik 

I'm really looking forward to seeing this. It'll make it much easier to write and maintain sequences. Thank you.

I've been giving this some thought and have two ideas:

  1. Ability to disable/enable individual steps
  2. New 'goto' step type which would allow you to jump to a particular place in the sequence
In terms of what you're trying to achieve, which of these options would work better for you?

I suggest to keep it simple and just make it possible to disable ("comment out") steps.

I can foresee "spaghetti code" issues (and resulting user frustration and support requests) from implementing GOTO functionality.

If it helps, I'll explain my thinking. This is the way I see it: SEQUEmatic best satisfies a user base that wants to do more with simple services like IFTTT, but either doesn't want to learn to code or doesn't want to spend substantial time learning another platform. I suggest that you use this as a filter for defining your functionality and UX.

There are more capable platforms out there, but they either cost more or have a steeper learning curve. By contrast, I admire SEQUEmatic's balance of simplicity and power. I am capable of learning more complex frameworks, but why bother if I can satisfy my use case faster and more simply?

Great feedback and advice - thank you!

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