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Hi Derek

I would like to update the descriptions on my sequneces in order to make better documentation, for me and when i Share my sequences. Is that possible? 

Else i will recommend this as a feature request. 

Further more i would be nice if the Description worked with CR/Lineskift to make a nice "module" desription". 

Have Fun laugh

Asked by Anonymous on April 17, 2020, at 10:47am

Hello, yes you can update the description. Click through to the page to edit the sequence then click the pencil icon near the sequence name.

I'm not sure I'm clear on the second part of your question. What is CR/Lineskift?

Thanks I did not se the Edit.yeslaugh

Re CR/Line feed / new line: for sharing i would like the comment look like the text in the notepad below - but when i paste it in is not devided in lines & some of text is missing..  

This is not at big issue but more if you like inspiration for improvments

Thanks a gain for providing this site.

smiley Henrik  

Got it, makes sense. And the site has been updated! You can now enter multiline descriptions. I've also added a second edit icon next to the description so it's easier to find.

Thanks for your feedback!

The description currently has a 1000 character limit. Hopefully that's sufficient for the descriptions you're creating.

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