My steps are between If and End of condition.Still it over rides and executes further steps. All questions

My steps are between If and End of condition. Still it over rides or doesn't check the condition and executes further steps. Even Simple check of If Dark not gets bypassed.

  • Triggered when Cam rises above 0
  • If it's after dark (based on user settings), then...
    • If Sensor is above 0, then...
      • Send an email with subject Cam test
      • Pause for 0 hours 5 minutes 0 seconds
      • If Cam is above 0, then...
        • If Sensor is above 0, then...
          • Pause for 0 hours 2 minutes 0 seconds
          • End of condition
        • End of condition
      • End of condition
    • End of condition

 This is now for testing the sequence. It works in day time also!. Pls support.

Asked by Mathews on May 27, 2019, at 5:36am

Hello, I'm aware of a bug with conditions and am currently working on a fix. It should be resolved in the next 3 hours.

This issue should now be resolved and your sequences should be running as expected. Let me know if you're still experiencing any issues, and thanks for your patience today.

Dear Derek,

It seems problem is resolved and I will watch for some time. I am a beginner in the platform and thanks a lot for Support

My issue with time zone setting of half an hr offset is still not resolved. Pls help.

Hi, I've updated your offset to 5.5. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks Derek,

Time is updated and is fine. But still some thing fussy with sequences. All IFTTT Webhooks service trigger shows "Error: ETIMEDOUT" OR "There was a problem with Webhook service"

IFTTT Call devices off working and devices on is not getting hooked to IFTTT.

Understand webhooks trigger can be from different IFTTT accounts as needed for " people at home" for location service to have two persons location. But IFTTT call is tied up to a single account as the key is given in setting.

Something is fussy. Sorry for this much disturbance! I was using strigify and was comfortable, now that they wound up I am trying with this platform as found almost all capability as strigify.



There is a known issue with the IFTTT webhook trigger where it shows the timeout error in the IFTTT activity log, but actually successfully triggers the sequence. This shouldn't impact the performance of your sequences.

The IFTTT webhook call can use a different IFTTT key to your user settings if you need to. When you edit the step, enter the other IFTTT key in the IFTTT Key field. Refer to the screenshot below.

Which of your sequences is not working? If you can share the name of the sequence with me I can check the logs.

After correcting time, I have deleted all steps contains time and made again for all sequences. Tv on location started working after that. But Master light cam and Master light sensor are not working. These are triggered from two variables one from camera and one from IR sensor. Only if both triggered it should work. Any one trigger can come first so I made two sequences. This is to switch on master light for certain time. Latest two triggers may be checked as it happened after modification of time zone. It shows sequence run but no steps executed. Also email time stamping is without time zone correction.

Is there any or gate and and gate in triggers such that I can create single sequence for my light on. Ex: sensor detects and cam already detected or cam detects and sensor already detected motion then trigger sequence. Also If else option not seen in any step.

There is no AND or OR at the moment. It's something I'm looking into to determine the simplest way to implement it.

For the moment you can use nested IFs if you have an AND condition. Unfortunately for OR you will need to create a separate IF block.

Is Master Light Cam the sequence which is not working? It's currently disabled which would be the reason it's not executing any steps.

Now all my sequences are working fine. Happy to have sequences done as per requirement. Only problem existing is

1. email time stamp is not corrected as per user setting. subject what is given is not being taken it shows seq. notification only in subject line.

3. Not able find else condition in conditions step.

Kindly support.

The email subject is now fixed to include the subject content you have added.

I've made a note of the issue with the timezone adjustment and it will be resolved this weekend. Documentation will also be available from this weekend explaining how to set up an 'else'. I'll reply back here once this is available.

Yes . Now sequence name is getting added to subject line, not the field we give as input to the subject field.

Can email accept a variable value in subject or message field?

Currently no, but I've just put it on the roadmap.

An else clause will now automatically be added when creating a new condition. They haven't been added to existing conditions, so if you want me to add one for you let me know the name of your sequence and where you want the 'else' added.

Email subjects and timestamps are now fixed as well.

Presently new variables are not getting registered, can't see in variables page and so cannot see the value of new variable. Kindly check the issue. Variable appears in sequence, but not executing as value is not known.


Hi Mathews, I believe the issue is that some of your variables are being used in a condition before they're set. The value is then being set within that condition, but since the variable doesn't exist yet the condition can never be true.

For example the value of Motion_Front_Count will be set to 1 if it is currently set to 0 but it doesn't exist so therefore does not equal 0 and will never be set.

To get around this you should create a sequence to set up all your variables and trigger it once using a time trigger for example. You can then delete it after it's run once. Alternatively, reply here with the name and initial value of each variable and I will create them for you.

Thanks a lot, Derek, could identify the problem with variables and rectified as per your suggestion. As the sequences becomes familiar to me, find it very easy and convenient to create the logic as required. Program also very user friendly.

I'm glad you've worked it out, and thanks for the positive feedback!

Dear Derek,

In my Sequence "Sensor Front" first two steps are not executing and from third step onwards it is executing. Same is case with all similar sequence made for left, back or right (presently deleted). Whereas my sequence "Cam Motion" works perfectly with same steps. Now I am retaining variables in another sequence such that if  I delete and create sequence variables same are retained.

It's working now. Variables are to be created before using in conditions. Changing later will not work.

Yes, that's correct. Although now you've provided this feedback I'll look at making it possible to manually create them from the variables page as well. You'll see this appear there in the next few days.

Dear Derek,

Found provision to create variables in variable page. Great news!

Can you tell me how to create multiple triggers for single sequence?

Also is there any possibility of loops?



I added the variable change on the weekend.

What types of triggers do you want to use in the sequence?

Multiple Trigger

1. Trigger a sequence from other two or three sequence with OR gate.

2. Trigger a sequence from IFTTT webhooks with OR gate, as either of few triggers from IFTTT can trigger the sequence.

3. Either of two or three variables changes can trigger the same sequence.


Ex. Extend the light on time if Motion sensed multiple times with a time gap. Exit the loop after few cycles with counter.


Mathews P.

Hi Mathews.

I think you can achieve the first point with the existing functionality. There is a step which allows one sequence to call another. This means one sequence can be triggered by any number of sequences.

Similarly with IFTTT you can use the URL provided by the IFTTT trigger step in any number of IFTTT applets so you're not restricted to just one IFTTT applet triggering your sequence.

Currently multiple variables is not an option but something I can look into.

Similarly for loops. Let me think about how that could be implemented and I might come back to you for some more examples.

Derek, Thanks Derek! First two condition I have made already. Trigger with multiple variables also will be highly useful. If I can call the same sequence from any steps within the sequence, with an if condition , it will help. I can put a counter to exit such that it will not go to infinite loops in case of any error. Or should be able to call any steps above in sequence.

While you can't have 2 variables as a trigger at the moment, a workaround could be to build something like this:

Sequence 1:

  • When var_1 = 2
  • Do something
  • And something else
  • And something else...
Sequence 2:
  • When var_2 = 5
  • Call Sequence 1
Sequence 3:
  • When var_3 = 1
  • Call Sequence 1
In this way, the value of var_1, var_2 or var_3 could be used to trigger the steps in Sequence 1.  Not particularly tidy, but it should achieve the outcome you want.

Very Good Derek!. With these all additional features Sequematic becomes more powerful.


Mathews P.

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