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Is it possible to re-use a sequematic IFTTT webhook as a trigger in other sequences?

For example I have an IFTTT trigger that fires every hour. As I have more than one sequence that I want to use this trigger for is it possible for me to use the same webhook url rather than sequematic creating a new one every time I make a new sequence? 

As a workaround at the moment I have created a sequence that toggles a variable every hour (true/false) and then use that variable as a trigger when it 'changes'

Asked by Joe on April 23, 2020, at 10:26pm

Absolutely! You can call the same Sequematic webhook URL from as many IFTTT applets as you need. You can also trigger it from anywhere else that can make a web request, for example your web browser.

Hi Derek, 

Ah ok great, how do I go about calling the same webhook when creating a trigger in sequematic? 

I can not see an option to input a webhook when creating a trigger step, If I select IFTTT Trigger or custom webhook it always creates a new url? Even if I input the same event name it still creates a fresh url key.

Sorry Joe, I misread your initial question and thought you wanted to use different IFTTT applets to trigger the same SEQUEmatic sequence. This is possible.

However, the webhook trigger in your sequence is unique to that sequence. Another option would be to create a single sequence linked to one IFTTT applet, then use the call sequence step to trigger various other sequences.

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