IFTTT Webhook


This is triggered by the IFTTT webhook applet.


IFTTT event name

This is the name of the event sent from IFTTT. You should set this to something meaningful.


You can provide up to 4 parameters to capture ingredients passed from IFTTT. These parameters can then be used in the change variable action and variable value condition.

The names you specify here will be used to reference the parameters in the change variable action and variable value condition. Please see the documentation for those steps for more information on how to reference the parameters.

When setting up the webhook action in IFTTT, the parameters should be added to the end of the webhook URL separated by a slash / Note that you should not include the parameter names in the webhook URL - these are for use by SEQUEmatic only and have no meaning for IFTTT.

In the example below, IFTTT will pass the:

  • current temperature in parameter 1
  • current weather conditions in parameter 2

To make use of these parameters, parameter names should be provided in SEQUEmatic when setting up the step.

Setting up IFTTT

Follow the steps below to set this up in IFTTT:

  1. Create a new IFTTT applet.
  2. Set up the If this component using your preferred service.
  3. Select webhook for the then that service and choose the Make a web request action.
  4. Copy the URL provided by SEQUEmatic on the sequence page and paste it into the URL ingredient field of the IFTTT action. The remaining ingredients should retain their default values.
  5. Click Create action, review the applet then click Finish.
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