Variable value


This is triggered when the value of a variable changes or reaches a certain value.

Only 3 sequences can be triggered in a single run. These sequences could either be triggered by this variable value trigger, or the call a sequence step.



The name of the variable to check.


The type of comparison to perform. Options are:

  • equal to - the variable matches the specified value
  • does not equal - the variable does not match the specified value
  • increase - the value of the variable increases
  • decrease - the value of the variable decreases
  • rises above - the variable has just risen above the set value
  • falls below - the variable has just fallen below the set value
  • changes - the value of the variable changes in any way
  • modified - the variable is modified, but the value does not necessarily change (eg it was true and was set to true)


The value to perform the comparison against.

Note that the value is not required if the comparison is set to changes or modified.

Case sensitive

When using the comparison equals or does not equal you have the option to specify whether a text comparison should be case sensitive. If selected, a text value must match exactly - for example Yellow and yellow would be considered as different.

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