Using IFTTT to trigger a sequence



IFTTT connects to hundreds of different services and internet enabled devices, and is a great trigger for your sequences.

This tutorial will show you how to set up an IFTTT applet to trigger a SEQUEmatic sequence.

Start your sequence

Firstly, create a new sequence in SEQUEmatic.

The trigger for this should be the IFTTT webhook. Provide an event name which is meaningful to you and save the step.

Copy the URL provided in the step description - you'll need this to set up the IFTTT applet.

Create your IFTTT applet

Create a new IFTTT applet.

Start with setting up your trigger, the if this component of the applet. In this example we're going to use a location trigger.

The video below shows how to set up a location trigger when entering a particular area.

Now, you need to create the action, or then that component. No matter what type of trigger you chose, the then that will always be the webhook service.

Select the webhook service, and choose the Make a web request action.

Enter the URL from the trigger you created in SEQUEmatic.

Copy the URL from the trigger you created in SEQUEmatic

Leave everything else as it is, and click Create action.

Click Finish to save and activate your IFTTT applet. Note that some triggers, such as the location trigger, require that you have the IFTTT app installed on your phone.

Build out your sequence

Now you can go back to your sequence in SEQUEmatic and add any additional steps or conditions you wish to use.

If you're interested in triggering sequences based on whether or not someone is home, you may also be interested in this tutorial.

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