Use location to trigger a sequence



One of the more popular uses of SEQUEmatic is to have a sequence run when someone arrives home or leaves home. To do this you'll need to set up an IFTTT applet using the location trigger. Follow these steps to set it up.

This tutorial assumes you've already created a sequence using the IFTTT webhook trigger. If you haven't already done this, check out this page for help. You'll need the URL it provides you when setting up the IFTTT applet below.

Create the IFTTT applet

Click here to start a new IFTTT applet.

Start with the If this component, and select the location service.

You can choose whether this should trigger when you enter the area or exit the area. For this tutorial we'll select enter, but the steps to set up the applet the same either way.

Set up the if this component

Set the area

Now you need to set the area. The trigger will fire when you enter or exit the blue circle.

Set the area

Set up the then that component

Next step is to set up the then that component of the applet. Select that then choose the webhooks service.

There is only one action for the webhook which is make a web request.

Set up the then that component

Populate the URL in the webhook

The webhook action has quite a few fields you can set up, but we only need to use the URL for this.

When you set up your sequence using the IFTTT webhook trigger it provided a URL. Copy and paste this URL into the URL field of the webhook action, then click Create action.

Enter the URL for your sequence

Save the applet

And that's all there is to it! Review your applet, which would look something like the example below, then click Finish to activate it.

Click finish to activate your applet

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