Variables in your account can be viewed from the variables page.

Creating variables

Variables are automatically created the first time a sequence modifies them. You can also manually create a variable on the variables page.

Variable types

Variables can hold any value, such as numbers, text or true/false. You do not need to define a variable's type as SEQUEmatic handles this automatically. You can assign any value to any variable at any time, regardless of its previous value.

Change variable values

Ideally your variables would be managed automatically via your sequences, however sometimes you may need to manually reset or modify a variable.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the variables page.
  2. Enter the new value in the text field. Leave the field empty if you wish to clear the value of the variable.
  3. Click Save values to save your changes.

Deleting variables

You can delete a variable from the variables page by clicking the rubbish bin icon next to the variable.

If you delete a variable which is still in use by a sequence it will automatically be recreated next time the sequence runs.

Variable webhooks

Variable webhooks are an easy way to retrieve or change the value of a variable via a webhook. You could call these from IFTTT, Automate or any other service and they will automatically increase, decrease, toggle or set the value of a variable. What's more, any variable triggers linked to that variable will also fire if the value of the variable is correct.

To access the webhooks URLs for your variables, navigate to the variables page and click the icon next to the variable.

Only existing variables can be modified via a webhook. If the variable does not exist, it will not be created automatically.

Depending on the type of variable, a number of webhooks will appear.

Numeric variables

There will be 3 webhooks available:

  • increase - increases the variable by the specified amount
  • decrease - decreases the variable by the specified amount
  • set - set the variable to a particular value

Text variables

There will a webhook to set the variable to a particular value.

Boolean (true/false, yes/no, on/off) variables

There will be 3 webhooks available:

  • toggle - toggle between the values true and false, yes and no or on and off
  • set to true, yes or on - set the variable to true, yes or on
  • set to false, no or off - set the variable to false, no or off

The combination of true/false, yes/no and on/off depends on the intial value you set the variable to.

Get variable value

Using this webhook, you can retrieve the current value of the variable.

For boolean variables where the value is true/false, yes/no or on/off, by default the actual value of the variable will be returned. If you wish to convert this to a number where 1 is yes, true or on and 0 is no, false or off, add /numeric to the end of the webhook URL.

Webhook response

The webhook will return a JSON response in the following format :

"data" [{
    "id": "{unique identifier}"
    "status": "success"
    "previous_value": "{previous value of variable}"
    "new_value": "{new value of variable}"

Suppress webhook output

For the variable webhooks which modify a variable value, you can suppress the default output by adding /silent to the end of the URL.

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