Tuya Smart Life integration

As many people are aware, the integration between Tuya Smart Life and IFTTT has now ceased. This has left a lot of people unable to run the handy automations they previously had set up between the Tuya Smart Life devices and other smart devices supported by IFTTT.

Following user feedback, I’m please to announce that SEQUEmatic now supports direct integration with Tuya Smart Life!

EDIT: It is now possible to control any property of any Tuya smart device direct from SEQUEmatic. Not all Tuya Smart Life devices are created equally, so if you run into any problems either post in the Q&A Forums or send me an email.

So how do you set up your sequences with Tuya Smart Life? Read on for the step-by-step process.

Connecting your SEQUEmatic account to Tuya

First, you need to link your SEQUEmatic account to Tuya. Navigate to your settings page and click the Linked Services button.

Next, click Link account next to the description of the Tuya Smart Life service.

You will be redirected to the secure Tuya Smart Life login page, where you should login with your Tuya credentials.

Tuya will explain what it means to link your account, then you will need to click Confirm authorization to complete linking.

Once linking is complete, you will be redirected back to the Linked services page. You’ll notice the link which previous read Link account now reads Unlink account, confirming your account was successfully linked.

If you ever wish to disconnect your Tuya account from SEQUEmatic, you should return to this page and click the Unlink account link.

Using Tuya Smart Life in sequences

Once your account is linked, using Tuya Smart Life in sequences is simple.

Either create a new sequence, or edit an existing sequence and click the Add step button. From the Step type dropdown select Tuya Smart Life. The form will update, displaying available devices by default.

Select the device name, the action to perform or property to modify, and the new value to set.

In addition to devices, you can also control device groups. Simply change the Type to Device Group and a list of available groups will display. Finally, you can also trigger Scenes which have been set up within your Tuya Smart Life home. Using scenes you can create some very complex and powerful automations to trigger from your sequences.

You can learn more about the Tuya Smart Life integration here in the docs. And if you need help getting set up, head to the Q&A Forum, post your questions in the comments below or contact me here.

If you do start using the Tuya Smart Life integration, I’d love to hear how you’re putting it to use in the comments below!

Is it possible to trigger a sequence when a smart-life scene is activated, or when a device changes his status ? 

I would life to send a SMS to ... when a certain scene is triggered in Smartlife. Can't find the way... 

Same comment. 

Is it possible to trigger a sequence when a smart-life scene is activated, or when a device changes his status ? 

I have a door open sensor and would like to trigger a sequence when the door is opened.

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