Issue with Tuya Smart Life integration – RESOLVED

EDIT: This issue is now resolved. You may need to unlink and link your Tuya account via the linked services page in order to restore you Tuya devices in your SEQUEmatic account.

If you continue to experience issues please let me know.

An issue has recently arisen with the link to some Tuya Smart Life accounts breaking. This means that Tuya devices may not trigger as expected and some sequences may not appear correctly when viewing the steps.

In some cases, unlinking and linking your account can resolve the issue, but not always.

I’m currently working with the Tuya support team to find a resolution and will post an update here once it’s resolved.

If this happens to your account, please don’t delete or modify your SEQUEmatic sequences. The steps may not appear correctly now with device names and statuses missing (see the screenshot below), but should be restored once the Tuya integration issue is resolved so it would be best to leave the sequence as it is for the moment.

Thanks for your patience while I work through this.

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