June 2020 updates

June has been a big month for SEQUEmatic, with the biggest change being the introduction of Tuya Smart Life integration. With the announcement in May that Tuya would no longer support IFTTT, direct integration was introduced in SEQUEmatic to bridge the gap and many people have now started using this new feature.

Initially it looked like this would only support simple on/off commands, but it’s now possible to control just about any Tuya device, and run all sorts of commands including opening and closing blind shutters, changing the colour and brightness of lights and opening and closing garage doors.

Given the positive response, I’m now exploring other direct integrations to introduce into SEQUEmatic. If you have any preferences, please let me know.

In addition to this, there have been a number of smaller enhancements as well, including:

  • Improvements to the user settings page allowing you to set your location via a map
  • UI enhancements to a number of steps and additional informative text to explain how to set up steps
  • Ability to view input data from custom webhook triggers via the sequence log
  • Forced HTTPS for webhook calls, and email reminders if HTTPS is not used

I’m also collecting feedback via a survey to help improve SEQUEmatic. You should have received an email with a survey link, and if you have already responded then thank you very much! If you haven’t, I’d appreciate if you can spare a few minutes to provide your feedback to help improve the site.

As always, if you have any feedback please comment below, post in the Q&A forum or contact me here. And if you’d like to see an article about something in particular, just let me know.

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