August 2020 updates

The year is flying by, and as the month of August comes to an end there have been a lot of updates to SEQUEmatic including a new trigger, a new variable webhook, improved sequence logging and enhancements to the landing page and Q&A site. Read on to learn more.

Trigger sequence periodically
Previously you could schedule a sequence to run every hour or every minute, or at a set time of day. Now you can set it to run every x hours or x minutes, for example every 2 hours or every 10 minutes. This gives more flexibility around when time based sequences run. You can learn more here in the docs and if you ask the bot he will be able to help as well.

New variable webhook
A new webhook allows you to check the value of a variable remotely. You can read more about variable webhooks here. This new webhook will return the current value of the specified variable in plain text, allowing you to reference variables in external services as well. I’d be very interested to hear how you’re using this feature!

Email notifications
SEQUEmatic doesn’t send a lot of email notifications, but now you can manage your email preferences from the settings page. Settings are at the individual notification level so you can select which emails you do and don’t receive.

New sequence dashboard
When you log in to the site, you’ll notice a new dashboard. This makes it easier to find important areas of the site like your settings, variables and linked services without having to navigate through multiple pages to get there. You can also see all your sequences at a glance, and turn them on and off with the click of a button.

Also on the dashboard there are some interesting stats summarised at the bottom of the page, and a new statistics page to give you a detailed breakdown of the sequences which ran each month. You may have noticed this report has started to be emailed monthly, and now you can navigate through your stats back to when you first started using SEQUEmatic.

Step history updates
Previously the sequence logs could be a bit difficult to interpret, and if you wanted to check on conditions which ran there was no detail to show how a condition passed. The sequence logs have had an overhaul and now provide a lot more information, including the value of variables and weather conditions at the time the sequence ran so you can better understand why steps ran and debug more complicated sequences. If you have any feedback or would like to see additional information in the logs, let me know.

New and improved Q&A site
The Q&A site has also had an overhaul. Previously this was separate to SEQUEmatic, making it confusing if you had registered an account there as well. Now, you can post questions and answers from your existing account, and there is even better spam protection than before. Not only that, but if the SEQUEmatic bot thinks something in the forum may help with a question you’ve asked he’ll give you a link to that question!

You can go directly to the Q&A site here and also from the general help page.

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