October 2020 updates

A number of updates have been implemented over the month of October. Read on to learn more.

Philips Hue integration

Adding to the list of supported smart devices, you can now link your Philips Hue account from the linked services page and control your Philips Hue lights directly from your sequence. You can trigger individual devices, as well as activitate scenes to trigger your present Philips Hue settings.

Improved search for help site

The help site has been growing and it was becoming difficult to find content. Now from the new help homepage just type your question into the search box and it will search across the documentation as well as the Q&A site. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can easily convert your search into a question so others can help.

The chat bot has also been trawling the help site and if he doesn't know how to answer your question he'll do a quick search and provide some suggested results to try and help you out.

If you have any feedback on the help site or if there's something you'd like more information on, let me know so I can expand on the help library.

Manually trigger sequence

When you add a new sequence, it can be helpful to test it out. From the edit sequence page, you can now manually trigger any sequence using the Run sequence now button shown below.

Updated edit sequence pages

The different steps available to use in sequences has grown over time and the editor has started to become a bit confusing. The form has now been updated and steps are grouped into categories such as webhooks, variables, time and smart devices making it easier to browse the different types of steps available. These changes are also in preparation for some new step templates which will be coming soon, allowing you to add prebuilt sets of steps to your sequences. If there's a step template you'd like to see leave a comment below or contact me to provide feedback.

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