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Great work guys! Finally something that could substitute stringify, a little difficult to set but you left good docs section.

Problem is I found u because I was lucky on online searching after some days

Why not creating an IPA or APK to share your work to a more vaste audience?
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Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad you're finding it useful.

Out of interest, where did you find SEQUEmatic?  Was it in search results or did you find a link on another website?

I started with a website because it was simpler and could be used from any device - mobile, table or computer. I have been exploring some options for a mobile app but it is still some way off before it can be shared. To help shape the app, what would be the most important features for you?

Also, if anyone else is interested in an app, please comment here so I have an idea of how popular it would be.
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Sure I was searching for a sequencer after the death of stringify and I found nothing useful for setting a timer.

I found this website, totally randomly searching on Google for stringify timer

I must say until now this was the feature I was searching for, if u could fill the gap stringify will left in its integration with iftt it would be the best

Docs section is Clear using an app maybe could make the program idiot proof and easier to use for noobs



I have actually built an IFTTT service for Sequematic, but then found it would cost $5k+ to actually activate it on IFTTT which is not feasible right now.  For the moment, webhooks are the best I can offer (unless you have some spare cash?? wink )

Interested indeed!
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