Custom webhook trigger

Based on user feedback, we recently introduced a new trigger – the custom webhook trigger.

The request

The initial question we were asked was whether it is possible to use SEQUEmatic to control lights based on playback status of the Emby media server. When a video is started or stopped on the Emby media server there is an option to trigger a webhook call. Unfortunately the existing IFTTT webhook trigger couldn’t support the data coming from Emby, and so we embarked on creating a new custom webhook trigger.

How does it work?

The new custom webhook trigger currently supports 3 schemas, or data structures. The first is the same as the existing IFTTT webhook trigger and can receive up to 4 parameters in the URL.

The second handles a data passed in a JSON POST request. This means you could send data such as the following:


As with the existing webhook trigger, you can access the value of these parameters in your sequence by enclosing the parameter name in curly brackets. For example, using {School} in a change variable step would return the value Hogwarts.

The third schema is similar to this, however it expects the JSON payload to be passed as a field named data in an HTTP POST request. It is this format which is specific to Emby.

How can my media server control my lights?

To achieve this, you need to use custom webhook Schema 3, and add the URL of the custom webhook trigger in your Emby media server set up.

When the playback status of the media server changes, for example is stopped, it triggers a call to the webhook and passes data in the following format:


There is additional data in the request, however it is the Event which is useful here. You can simply add a condition to check if {Event} = playback.stop and then within that condition add any other steps you require, such as an IFTTT webhook call to control your lights.

Eric, who requested the feature, has posted a more detailed write up here on the Emby forums.

If you have any question, just post here in the comments or in the Q&A forums. And if you have set up something similar yourself, let me know how you’re using it in the comments below!

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