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I set up a sequence to turn off my Tuya diffuser.  I have the Tuya account successfully linked.  I set this up as a custom webhook - see below.  When I enter the web hook into a browser I get the following:

{ "data": [ { "id": "1600121431", "status": "success" } ] }

But the diffuser is not turning off.  It seems to me that there is something missing from the sequence?  The way it reads is that if the Tuya device is off, then...and it is looking for something do?

Also, can you edit a sequence?  I can't figure out how to do that.  Thanks.

Asked by Simon Mason on September 14, 2020, at 10:23pm

Hello. Unfortunately there was an issue with all icons across the site which means you wouldn't have been able to see the edit button or the icons to add additional steps.  This has now been resolved.

The type of step you've selected here is to check whether or not the diffuser is on.  What you actually want is the smart device step which will allow you to trigger your Tuya devices.

Thanks - got it working - very nice.  Thanks.

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