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I generally prefer to use APIs when talking between various systems but have depended on IFTTT to glue a few pieces together that couldn't be done anywhere else.  However, I don't use the service enough to justify $50 a year - which is the minimum on their set your own price model.  What are your thoughts on how Sequematic fits into the picture moving forward?  Also, the only thing I use IFTTT for really is to arm and disarm my blink cameras - any chance that you can add them to the list?

Asked by Simon Mason on September 16, 2020, at 9:04pm

I received an email today from ifttt today stating that you can name your price for life now. The minimum that they allow is $1.99, I thought that was reasonable so I signed up.

Right now, only things i miss in Sequematic are connection with Google (calendar, gmail, drive,..) and to my mobile phone for location, etc.

I think if i would have it and Tado thermostat no needed to maintain ifttt account. I only have a few applets active right now after starting with Sequematic.

After trying to use ifttt pro features I find out that you need to know how to write code for filters. This system is not user friendly for the average person. But I will keep paying for the time being because I have a lot of applets that I need to keep running and they only allow 3 on the free service. I know I can create multiple accounts to get around paying but that is not worth the trouble

Once stringify closed I had to separate most of what I did through various services. I found sequematic a suitable replacement for a sequences I needed to run that had timers built in. Unfortunately that also required webhooks for ifttt to use.

I'm hoping sequematic will allow another service to trigger sequences.

Hi everyone. It's great to see your thoughts here and understand where there might be gaps as IFTTT changes their cost structure.

No doubt a lot of users at SEQUEmatic rely on IFTTT and the webhook service to control a lot of their smart devices via sequences, so unfortunately this will be impacted by the IFTTT changes as well.

I'm still exploring how I can address this at SEQUEmatic. Obviously more direct integrations would be great, but this can involve significant effort to integrate with each of them. For the moment, continue to share the various services and smart devices you'd like to see added and I'll continue to work out the best way to proceed with that. You can expect an announcement in the next week or two once I have put together a plan of some sort.

@Santiago, in terms of tracking location I use Automate on my Android device and it triggers webhooks based on my location similar to IFTTT.  If anyone is familiar with any iOS alternatives I would be interested to hear those as well.

I had previously been running IFTTT on my phone to trigger webhooks on sequematic for things like entering/leaving home and phone plugged in or not (which I use as a proxy for me being in bed to trigger things like turning the kettle on when I unplug the phone in the morning), letting sequematic do all the clever things and then calling back to webhooks in IFTTT for integrating with meross to turn on my switches. So quite a few more than 3 applets were required to do anything useful.

If they'd have said one of payment for IFTTT I'd probably go for it, but I don't like the subscription model, over time I'd end up paying a lot of money for what its actually doing.

I happened to have a Raspberry PI 3 sitting around not doing much so as of yesterday I'm messing around with Home Assistant on that. 

Still early days with getting it to do what I want (and we're in the process of buying our first home so the amount of devices is going to rocket shortly) but it looks like the majority of the thinking I'll be able to get done locally and I'll webhook in and out of sequematic when I need to do something more complicated with variables. 

I recently found an iOS replacement for IFTTT app location awareness/trigger. The app is called Locative. I've been using it for about two weeks. I found IFTTT did not always fire off geofence rules. This app seems to be more reliable and it simplifies something I had setup in IFTTT. It is a simple app and does one thing, upon entering or leaving an area, it triggers a simple web API call. In my use-case, it makes some SEQUEmatic web calls.

I am still going to need to sign up for IFTTT Pro because I use it for the integrations that I now largely use from a series of IFTTT webhook calls.

if anyone is looking for an alternative for android/ios triggers ive been using macrodroid for a while it can send webhooks to sequematic it has alot more options then ifttt for mobile devices but no smart home integration.

you can make up to 5 macro's in the free version and for a one time payment you can unlock unlimited macro's

but even with 5 you can do alot because you can combine multiple triggers and actions into one macro, and you can also set and check variables or other constraints.

another alternative that i have used but dont use anymore is olisto it does have some smart home integration and you can set conditions.

On balance I reckon the $1.99 per month is a reasonable price to pay for the essential (for me) link between my devices and Sequematic.  My main device platform is LightwaveRF, a UK based company which has been around for quite a while and has a main advantage of being easy to retrofit but its main disadvantage is that the majority of platforms, such as Stringify or now Sequematic,  do not have a direct integration, and although the second generation works through Apple’s Home the first generation can only be linked through IFTTT.  

I would like to see direct LightwaveRF integration with Sequematic but appreciate this might not be justified given the user base.  I have signed up for IFTTT Pro but mainly to keep access to my Apps; it remains to be seen how useful, or easy to use, IFTTT Pro proves to be compared to Sequematic.  I for one would have no problem with a subscription arrangement with Sequematic, especially if it protects it against going the same way as Stringify.  I have no idea of the costs of maintaining Sequematic but would be interested to hear what others (and especially Derek) think about what an appropriate subscription would be.  In this day and age access to services such as home automation platforms ranks along with telephone and energy services so we shouldn’t expect to get them for free for ever.

Initially when I set up SEQUEmatic, my intent was not to integrate directly with smart devices and instead go via services such as IFTTT.  However, after introducing Tuya Smart Life and eWelink/Sonoff integration this year I see there is a lot of demand for this. This does depend on whether there is an API available with those manufacturers and also demand from users.

I'm currently working through a plan for adding additional integrations and will add LightwaveRF to the list.  A quick search shows me there is an API so this should be possible, although I don't know yet if this will support the first generation products you have mentioned.

In terms of a subscription, donations are welcome and there is also the option to set up a recurring donation if you'd like.

All the feedback I gather through this forum and the chatbot is helpful in shaping the future of SEQUEmatic, so do keep your feedback and ideas coming!

Thanks for this Derek.  LightwaveRF integration would be brilliant!

LightwaveRF devices have two versions.  The generation 1 known as Connect and generation 2 known as Smart which give feedback on their status.  The latest API that I’m aware of for the Connect series is 1.5.


for the Smart series:


I believe the generation 2 LinkPlus (Smart series) is capable of controlling generation 1 Connect devices (albeit without any feedback) but I have no idea if this is reflected in the API.

I like the idea of a recurring donation.

Great, thanks for the links Antony. Let me see what I can do. And thank you very much for your donation!

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