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As yet another month comes to a close, there have been quite a few updates at SEQUEmatic.

Following on from the success of the Tuya Smart Life integration, you can now link directly with eWeLink to control your eWeLink and Sonoff devices from your SEQUEmatic sequences. Direct integrations to SEQUEmatic are proving popular, so if there are any other services you’d like to see added please post in the comments below, the Q&A Forum or contact me directly.

Next, you may have noticed the live chat icon in the bottom right corner has recently changed. If you click that button you can now chat directly with the SEQUEmatic bot! Even though he’s busy running your sequences, he can always find time for a chat to help you work your way around SEQUEmatic so go ahead and ask him your questions.

The bot works best if you ask questions like you would to a person, and has some context of what you’re currently doing. For example when you’re editing a step you can ask him questions about that particular step and he’ll explain how to set it up. If he’s not able to help, he will offer to transfer your chat to me so we can chat in realtime.

Expanding on the features available in sequences, weather triggers and conditions are now directly built into SEQUEmatic. Previously you had to go via IFTTT which could be quite complicated, but now you can check the temperature, wind, rain and many other conditions directly from within a sequence. The weather can either trigger your sequence or you can use it within a sequence to check conditions before proceeding.

There are a lot of options available in this new step type, so be sure to check the docs for the full details.

Finally, an update has been made to the way sequences are logged. Navigate to the sequence log and click the magnifying glass next to the sequence to you want to view in detail. Previously the log showed you the steps which ran, but now it also provides information on the value of variables and other elements of the sequence as they were when the sequence ran. This can be very helpful in debugging your sequences. Note that this only applies to sequences which ran from now onwards – any sequences which ran prior to today will still display in the old log format.

Well, that’s it for this month but more is on the way! As always, post your questions and feedback in the Q&A forumask the bot your questions or contact me directly if you need help.

Asked by Derek on August 2, 2020, at 11:11am

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