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What happened when a sequence is timed out?

Asked by Albert on November 12, 2021, at 5:23am (edited on November 24, 2021, at 9:09am)

Hi Albert, what do you mean by timed out?  Is there a specific sequence this question relates to?

Hello Derek, I’ve found the problem already. This had to do with the IFTTT service and not Suquematic!

Thank you anyway!

This is the message I’ve received from IFTTT:

Your Applet has been turned off. It may need to be updated or the services it uses may need to be reconnected. For more information, view your activity logs.

Badkamer beweging (Bathroom motion)

Is it still a problem in IFTTT or is this resolved now? Sometimes IFTTT will show a timeout error but the sequence runs successfully anyway.

No, it is still a problem, as the action what should run comes to stop.

what can I do?

Hi Albert, I can see entries in your sequence log where this sequence has run. Is it now working from IFTTT or are you triggering it from somewhere else?

Yes, it’s now working! Thank you!

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