Has anyone moved here from Apilio? All questions

Has anyone moved here from Apilio, now that they are charging? I was using Apilio reasonably well, but am now looking for alternatives. sequematic looks like it could be perfect....

Asked by Simon on December 14, 2019, at 10:19pm

Yep came from apilio as well.

ANd? Don't keep me in suspense! How are you finding it? Does it work? Any issues, problems?

I tried Apilio for a while but didn't like it. Way to complicated. Tried another free service (not saying which, cause I don't want to advertise/complain...).

It was good, but that had issues with stability/continuity. Also support wasn't that active as Sequematic is. 

Migration was difficult and will be difficult from any other service. As every service has its own ideas and implementation.

@Derek: I think there is an absolute business case to implement a free migration tool from Apilio to Sequematic! Lots of Apilio users will start looking for a replacement tool. If I was you, I would start advertising asap..... devil

Me. I have found this website now in their thread about pricing. I will check this site and hope it is good.

I don't think apilio was too complicated, but it was cumbersome (it did make logic more complex though, unless thats what you meant). I had to create multiple logicblocks instead of just nesting if then else statements, which I like better because I used to be a programmer. SEQUEematic is much more robust.

Hi everyone, it's great to see some new users stopping by. I hope you find Sequematic helpful and if you have any questions getting started post here in the Q&A forum or you can contact me directly or message on Facebook

I'm arriving here from Apilio, I use the service as a hobby, not a necessity so couldn't justify the expensive monthly fee.

yes, i successfully ported over my sensor setup to sequematic.com replicating 4 identical workflows.  sequematic is a little more abstract getting started, but easily superior than apilio for my needs.

Have just begun to move over. I find that SEQUEmatic is easier to get started with. Have moved over a simple logicblock and seems to work perfectly.

Thanks everyone, sounds like I'm in the right place. Next step is to ask for some advice before I get too far ahead of myself and make a mess of things.

Just ask your questions and the community will help to get them answered. I am open to provide some (basic) assistance (as I also just started 2 weeks ago....) laugh

I too followed the reference from Apilio pricing post. It took me ~20 minutes to transfer 2 Apilio logic blocks to Sequematic and update IFTTT triggers. I was able to drop some redundant IFTTT applets, thanks to the integrated sunrise/sunset conditions and the Sequematic if/else statements which are way more usable then the Apilio ones. So far I'm very pleased with the experience.

Great to hear you've had a positive start and found the sunrise/sunset triggers helpful! Let me know if there's anything I can help with.

Well, it's taken me a couple of days to work out how everything works, but I got there in the end, and it all seems to work brilliantly. 

Once I got my head around how everything worked (I'm afraid I didn't find the documentation that helpful) putting it all together was actually quite quick, and so far, seems very reliable.

Thanks to all for their help and suggestions.

That's an impressive diagram Simon! Nice work getting it set up.

In terms of the documentation, are you able to provide some feedback on what you found difficult or what was lacking, so that I can make updates to improve it?

It's taken a few days, and a bit of trial and error but I think I've successfully ported over. I tried to post on Apilio forums to thank whoever recommend me to come here, but they've introduced post moderation, so I'll see if it gets posted or not.

Sure. Bear in mind I'm not a super-nerd, so some things were more difficult for me than they should have been!

It was a little tricky to get my head around setting up what I've called "trigger sequences" - incoming triggers that then trigger other "action or logic sequences". It might be good to have a simple explanation of these, with maybe some worded examples, flow diagrams etc.

It also took me ages to work out how to properly create and read nested IFs. I kept pressing the pencil instead of the + on the Else statement, so creating a consecutive action instead of the ELSE action. That whole area was a bit tricky for me, but probably wont be for others. It might help to colour code the levels of nested IFs, or make the indents more pronounced, and to have tool-tips when you hover over the various edit icons?

Once I'd worked it all out, everything was super-easy and fast, and incredibly powerful. The nested IF/ELSE statements in particular are brilliant. Seems a lot less temperamental than Apilio, more stable. I have to run various extra actions in Apilio to recheck states periodically and make sure the correct result states were being achieved. I need none of this here..

Thanks a lot for the feedback Simon. After your comment the other day I was looking back over the documentation and it describes individual triggers and actions well, but there isn't really anything that pulls it all together - something I need to work on.

Some really good UI feedback here in relation to IF and ELSE which I'll look to implement.

Overall though I'm glad to hear you've found the service useful. Thanks again for your feedback!

I just moved over today, I had a simple logic block and half a dozen varibles. I've recreated them here in SEQUEmatic in a couple of hours today and am really pleased. My only comment is that the latency between my IFTTT webhook going out and the resultant incoming was a few seconds more than before. Having said that I'd rather make a donation here than being forced into a subscription for the minimal set of statements I use.

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