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I see someone has posted a similar question earlier in the year, but it looks like the error is still present. I cannot work around it because it is causing duplicate triggers for me.

Most of the time the Sequematic related applets are labelled as skipped in the IFTTT log, but sometimes the same applets are labelled as failed. IFTTT retries the failed applets 6-7 minutes later, which does cause me a problem because my sequences will be re-run � resulting in unwanted events and activities. Do you have an update on fixing the webhook problem?

As an example I attach an image to show the initial triggers highlighted in green and the duplicate triggers highlighted in yellow.

Asked by Chris on January 7, 2020, at 12:00pm

Hi Chris, you're right that this still is not resolved, however I didn't realise there was actually an impact to the way IFTTT called the webhook.

This is a more significant issue than I previously realised if it causes IFTTT to retry the webhook. I'll do some further investigation this week and post back here on the weekend with an update.

I believe I've found the solution for this and adjusted the server configuration. I'm no longer getting the error in my own test sequences.

Can you please check your IFTTT activity and let me know if this is now working for you?

Hi Derek, this is now working fine for my applets - no errors in my activity log after midnight last night. Thanks for fixing, this service looks like a really useful addition to IFTTT, which I have used for a few years but always thought it lacked the functionality to make it truly useful.

Great to hear! Thanks Chris!

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