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When I try to execute a custom webhook from a link on my desktop i get this:

It looks strange ? 

But my sequence runs ok 


Asked by Henrik on February 11, 2020, at 8:31pm

Thanks Henrik. It appears this may be a bug of some sort. I'll need to investigate but glad it's not preventing your sequence from running.

When I do the post from Winodows CMD i get this:

PS I figured out that at can activat/test my Webhook to IFTTT from CMD with this: 

curl -X POST

Response:Congratulations! You've fired the RL2ON event


This error is now fixed.

Nice work with the CMD find! Yes, you should be able to trigger the IFTTT webhook triggers from anywhere that you can call a URL.

The resons still looks strange: 

CMD call of :C:\Users\Henrik>curl -X POST"

Gives this response: 


            "data": [


                    "id": "1234"




wich looks strange to me.

The Sequnece is activated and the parameters are passed as expected OK

Keep up the good work smiley 

That's actually a successful response. A message like "success" would probably be more meaningful so I'll look at changing that, but what you're seeing is valid so nothing to worry about.

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