September 2020 updates

I'm please to announce a number of new features which were released throughout September, all based on valuable user feedback. Read on to learn more.

Stop running sequences from another sequence

A long running sequence can now be cancelled from another sequence using the stop sequence step. An example of where this is useful would be if a motion sensor turns on a light, then pauses for 5 minutes before turning off the light. If the motion sensor is triggered again and you want the timer to restart, you would stop the original sequence next time the motion sensor fires.

Email trigger

Sequences can be triggered via email using the new email trigger.  Send an email to the SEQUEmatic email trigger mailbox as you're leaving work and kick off a sequence to adjust your heater, turn on the outdoor lights and prepare your home to welcome you.

This is also a useful way of integrating external services that don't have a webhook into your sequences, as any email can be forwarded to the SEQUEmatic email trigger mailbox to trigger your sequence. You could try changing the colour of a light when you receive an email from Amazon announcing a parcel is arriving today.

Variable 'does not contain'

It's been possible to check if a variable contains a value since February this year, but now you can also check that a variable does not contain a value. This has been added to the variable value condition.  This is particularly useful if you receive a long string from something like a weather service and want to ensure it doesn't contain text like cloudy.

As always, if you have any feature requests or feedback let me know via the Q&A forum or the contact page.

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