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You can use the helper (see to automatically create sequences to trigger things when someone comes/leaves home.The helper is set up based on counting the people at home.

I have setup checking people at home differently. It costs a little more work, but you'll be more in control. Here is my setup:

Variables (add extra person variables if you have more friends):

  • person1_at_home --> TRUE or FALSE
  • person2_at_home --> TRUE or FALSE
  • ppl_at_home --> TRUE or FALSE

Tip: change the true or false state with a variable webhook! See for more info. I use Tasker on Android to trigger a variable webhook (see

Create a Sequence for Person1 (do the same for the other persons):

  • Triggered when person_at_home changes
  • If person1_at_home is equal to TRUE, then...
    • Set ppl_at_home to TRUE
  • Else
    • If person1_at_home is equal to FALSE, then...
      • If person2_at_home is equal to FALSE, then...
        • Set ppl_at_home to FALSE
      • End of condition
    • End of condition
  • End of condition

If you have more persons to check, then create more nested IF statements as grouped IF's aren't available yet (see my feature request; an AND statement would be helpful here.... ).

Next create a Sequence when people are at home:

  • Triggered when ppl_at_home equals TRUE
  • Run the sequence WHAT EVER YOU WANT

Last create a Sequence when people are NOT at home:

  • Triggered when ppl_at_home equals FALSE
  • Run the sequence WHAT EVER YOU WANT

Btw, I like my sequences short and simple. That way you can use and trigger them in other sequences.

Happy programming! 


Asked by Elmar on December 15, 2019, at 9:29pm (edited on December 15, 2019, at 9:46pm)

Nice idea Elmar!

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