Sequence log

The sequence log shows the 30 most recent sequences which have run.

Sequence log

Access the sequence log

You can access the sequence log here or navigate to it from the sequences page, or your user settings.


The sequence log will tell you the date and time the sequence ran, as well as the name of the sequence and the status.

The status of the sequence will be one of the following:

  • success - the sequence ran successfully
  • disabled - the sequence did not run because it was disabled at the time

Note that just because the status was success does not mean the sequence ran all the way to the end. It may have stopped partway depending on the conditions set within the sequence.

More information

You can view more detail about a sequence run by clicking the magnifying glass icon. This will show you which of the steps ran. Note that you may not see all the steps in the sequence displayed on the details page, as some steps may have been skipped due to the conditions set in the sequence.

Stop long running sequences

Currently running sequences are displayed at the top of the sequence log. If you wish to stop a sequencer, click the icon to stop the sequence immediately. Note that you cannot resume a sequence once it is stopped.

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