Tuya Smart Life


Trigger a Tuya Smart Life compatible device, device group or scene.

In order to use this step, you must first link your Tuya Smart Life account via the linked services page.

As Tuya Smart Life devices are manufactured by many different companies, the effectiveness of this step can vary from device to device. It can sometimes take some trial and error to determine the correct property and values to use.

If you have any questions or feedback or there is another service you'd like to see added, please post in the Q&A forums or contact me via the contact form.



The type of device you want to control. This can be one of the following:

  • Device - a single device, such as a switch or smart bulb
  • Device group - a group of devices configured in the Tuya Smart Life app
  • Scene - a scene configured in your home from within the Tuya Smart Life app


The name of the device, device group or scene to trigger.


The property of the device, group or scene you wish to modify. The list of properties and the display name varies from device to device.

This is not applicable for scenes as scenes can only be triggered.

Action or value

The action to perform (for example turn on or turn off) or the new value to set.

Depending on the device and property, some values may be limited to a certain list of values or a range of numbers.

This is not applicable for scenes as scenes can only be triggered.

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